Studebaker hubcap clock

Studebaker hubcap clock

From Hubcap to clock

I wanted to tell you a bit more about my hubcap clocks. As needed, each of these clocks are polished, detailed, and waxed. They will glisten in the sunlight light a 1958 corvette! Wait . . . a few of hubcap clocks are made from ’58 corvettes. Seriously, if you give these as gifts, your friends and relatives willing be talking about them for years.

One of a kind Hubcap clocks

We are talking about are one-of-a-kind products, and not some standard, cookie-cutter produce items from Asia in sanitized wrapping. Each has the historic value that transcends the car industry. Each is a piece of art that reflects the values and aesthetics of the period of history they are from.

Making and shipping a hubcap clock

How are hucap clocks made? Most of the time that Bryan spends on them goes into finding the hubcaps, cleaning, and boxing the final product. They often come to him caked with grime and need considering cleaning and polishing. The actual clock making of gluing the numbers on, a bit of detail work on the hubcap, and installing the clock mechanism goes pretty quick. Also, a lot of care needs to go into shipping the hubcap clocks.  He measures, cuts, and glues a different set of cardboard supports for the inside of the box for each different kind of hubcap clock that I sell and ship. If I don’t do that well, there is good chance of damage in shipment and that is not acceptable.  Most of my sales are on Etsy.  Work I support.

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