I am interested in a Porsche hubcap clock. What is the difference between this one and the one that is $5 more? Do you have pictures of what it looks like as the description says this is a stock photo?



Porsche Hubcap Clocks

Hi Laura,

I dont have any of these currently for sale.  However, both of these hubcap clocks have some light surface scratches that can be see up close (three feet away). The one Porsche hubcap clocks had  been selling for about 84.99 has a few less of these. The one that sold for 69.99 has heavier scratches that can be seen from ten to fifteen feet away.

Neither is that big of a deal since most clocks are looked at from ten to thirty feet away. It just depends on the look you want when you take them out of the box or when someone walks up close to get a better view of the unique clock. Some like the more used, antiqued look. Others want a more exquisite look. I charge more for the ones that are closer to perfect because I can. : – )

However, keep in mind that a 60′s 912 porsche hubcap in mint condition would sell for up to 300 dollars . . . for just the cap, no clock. All the clocks I sell are definitely from used hubcaps, but they all look pretty nice for $100 or less.


Spokane, WA

p.s. I did not bother to take a different picture for the two clocks you mentioned because my skills as a photographer are not good enough to capture the differences between them. If you held both in your hands, you could tell. In two pictures you could not.

Mar 8, 2012

I just purchased the $84 porsche hubcap clocks. I put in the notes that this is a gift and sent the address of where I want this shipped. Please let me know if this is a problem. Thanks – Laura

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