I found your shop and think your VW hubcap clock would make an excellent gift for my brother, a VW mechanic. Can you explain to me the difference between your various VW clocks? I notice that they have different hub caps identifiers. VW love began with my Dad’s first car purchase in the ’60′s (a Beetle) and has continued through us kids. I’m wondering if my brother would recognize the differences and relate to one VW hubcap clock over another.


VW Hubcap Clock

Dec 5, 2010


I thinkhe may like any of them. however, what was the exact year of that first VW bug your father bought? I can probably match a hubcap clock to the hubcap that is used. if it was a 60s’s bug, it was probably a type 1 hubcap which I have alot of.

509 330 1793


Dec 9, 2010

Great! He had a ’69 beetle and later a ’74 bus. If you had a hubcap from either, that would be fantastic, if not, I think any would be great. Which listing should I order?


Dec 12, 2010

Ordered! By any chance would you have two? My Dad’s birthday is around the corner.   If you have another, could you group the orders and send together?


Dec 12, 2010

Yes, here is a link for you. I will only charge you 4 dollars more for shipping.



Dec 12, 2010

and i will throw in a free floppy disk journal


Dec 13, 2010

Fantastic! Thank you! Anne


Dec 13, 2010

When did you need these by? I would have shipped your package over the weekend, but I know need to make another clock. it should not take long however.



Dec 14, 2010

Can you get them to western NY by next Tuesday




Dec 15, 2010


January 14 2012 8:57pm EDT

Hi Bryan,
The clocks were a big hit. Unfortunately, we lost the number 3 on one of them. Would you let me know where you purchased the numbers so I may purchase a replacement?

January 14 2012 9:02pm EDT

Shoot . . . I can just mail you a 3. Which clock was it? I probably have an extra one around.

Was it this one?


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